Banu Baybars Hawks

Banu Baybars Hawks (PhD, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA, 2002) is Professor and Chair of Public Relations Department in the Faculty of Communications at Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey. Baybars Hawks’s research interests include media studies, media law, political economy of media, and terrorism. Her research appeared in journals such as the International Journal of the Humanities, and Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication. She is the author of Freedom’s Razored Edge: Terrorism and Media Controls in the United States and Turkey (Lambert Academic Publishing, 2010), the co-editor of If It Was Not for Terrorism: Crisis, Compromise, and Elite Discourse in the Age of “War on Terror” (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011), and the editor of New Challenges, New Opportunities: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Reputation Management (Reputation Management Institute, 2013) and Non-State Actors in Conflicts: Conspiracies, Myths and Practices (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018).

İrem İnceoğlu

Following her undergraduate degree at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration and her Master’s degree in Gender and Women Studies at Middle East Technical University (METU), Dr. Irem Inceoglu completed her PhD in the field of Media and Cultural Studies at University of Surrey-Roehampton in the UK. She taught at Media and Cultural Studies Programme of Middlesex University in London between 2007-2012. After moving to Istanbul by the end of Summer 2012 she started teaching at Kadir Has University Faculty of Communications. Dr. Inceoglu’s fields of research include the use of new media technologies, digital culture, social media, radical democracy and the discourse theory as well as social movement activism.

Suncem Koçer

Suncem Koçer is an Associate Professor of Public Relations and Information at Kadir Has University. She received her double PhD in Anthropology and Communication & Culture from Indiana University in 2012. Her research areas include anthropology of media, cultures of news making, transnational publics, identity politics, censorship, and media production and circulation processes. Dr. Koçer has published research outcomes in New Media and Society, American Ethnologist, and International Journal of Middle East Studies among other venues. She teaches courses on persuasion and propaganda, public speaking, news culture, communication campaigns, interpersonal communication, and media anthropology at Kadir Has University.

Defne Karaosmanoğlu

Defne Karaosmanoglu is an Assistant Professor of Communication at Kadir Has University, Istanbul. She completed her Ph.D. in Communication Studies at McGill University in 2006. Her research interests include theories of communication and media; critical media analysis; cultural studies of food; and methodologies in humanities and social sciences. She has published articles in Text and Talk, International Journal of Cultural Studies, Food, Culture and Society Journal, Space and Culture, and Journal of Intercultural Studies.

Mine Bertan Yılmaz

Mine Bertan Yılmaz is a Research Assistant in the Department of Public Relations at Kadir Has University. She is also a PhD candidate in the Department of Media and Communication Studies at Galatasaray University. She received her MA degree from the same university where she studied the use of virtual reality technologies in experiential marketing. She completed her undergraduate studies at Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of Media and Communication Systems and Public Relations.

Beste Yıldırım